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Productivity—what does it mean?                     Cut the Cord

Profit. Productivity means profit. When an employee can complete more work in a normal workday, revenue increases while costs remain the same. The extra revenue generated by increased productivity goes straight to your bottom line.

Because increased productivity means additional profit, well-managed companies are always looking for ways to improve employees’ speed and efficiency. Increasing productivity isn’t easy. It usually requires a substantial initial investment of time and money, and the payback can be slow. In their efforts to increase productivity,
Fortune 500 companies spend untold numbers of dollars each year to identify best practices within their organizations and to transfer the knowledge required to implement those practices in other parts of the organization.

Wouldn’t you like an easy, cost-effective means of quickly increasing productivity? We know you would—and we have one for you, if your employees spend any significant time on the telephone. For employees who spend 10 percent or more of their time on the telephone, using a Plantronics headset is a quick, cost-effective way to increase productivity.

It’s not easy to increase productivity and profit. But if your employees spend any significant amount of time on the telephone, Plantronics headsets are an excellent way to increase productivity in your company—and that increased productivity means a corresponding increase in your bottom line.

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